About PL Wonks

We're a group of programming language researchers and enthusiasts who engage in the discussion and study of the semantic and logic foundations of programming languages, language design, type theory, compilers, program analysis and optimization, program specification and construction, and emerging models of computation. We have meetings most weeks during the semester, and an active mailing list. Please consult the following links to attend or sign up. Unless otherwise noted, PL talks happen every Friday at 4:15pm in Lindley Hall Room 101, and all are welcome to attend.

Upcoming meetings

Date     Speaker
25th August 2017, 4:00pm ICFP Practice talks: Praveen Narayanan + Chao-Hong (Haskell Symposium)
1st September 2017, 4:00pm ICFP Practice talks: ? + ?
8st September 2017 Organizational Meeting


Our group's research interests cover a wide spectrum of topics. Check out some of our work: Boost, Build-to-Order BLAS, C++ Concepts, Chapel Generics, Hakaru, Hansei, JavaScript Modules, Racket & Typed Racket, miniKanren, LVars, monad-par, meta-par, WaveScript.


Dan Friedman [Site]
Relational & Logic Languages, Meta-circularity, Reflection
Ryan Newton [Site]
Streaming, Distributed and GPU DSLs, Haskell Deterministic Parallelism
Amr Sabry [Site]
Quantum Computing, Type Theory, Information Effects
Chung-chieh Shan [Site]
Probabilistic Programming, Semantics
Jeremy Siek [Site]
Gradual Typing, Mechanized Metatheory, High-Performance
Sam Tobin-Hochstadt [Site]
Types for Untyped Languages, Contracts, Languages for the Web



Faculty Emeriti

Former Members



Full Talk List

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