Rust is a new systems programming language under development at Mozilla. One of the requirements for Rust’s goal of being safe, concurrent and practical is an effective message passing system. Such a message passing system should provide certain correctness guarantees while being amenable to efficient implementation. I will present a new message passing system for Rust called pipes. Pipes make use of Rust’s powerful type system and syntax extension features to enforce that both parties in a communication session obey a predetermined protocol. These static guarantees allow for the communicating tasks to synchronize with only one atomic operation in the best case. In some benchmarks, pipes showed a sevenfold performance increase over to older port and channel system. Furthermore, pipes provide a well-defined semantics for ownership of data as it moves between tasks and enable certain programming patterns that were awkward under the old port and channel system. My talk will include an introduction to Rust, a discussion of the design and implementation of the pipes system and an evaluation of the performance of Pipes.