As I’m heading to an invited talk in Germany next week (at the Institute for Scientific Computing of Technische Universit�t Dresden) and the next C++ committee meeting in Madrid, Spain in the week after, this talk will basically review the notion of Concepts in relation to Generic Programming and their implementation in most programming languages, but in C++ in particular. We will rehash on the particular design philosophies that led to the overwhelming removal of Concepts and related features from C++0x, the next scheduled revision of the language’s standard.

I will then be giving an update on my current work on implementing the feature(s) in the Clang compiler, an LLVM front-end for the C- family of programming languages (i.e. C, C++, Obj-C, etc…). Although an alpha version of the implementation has been released this week, it is still in its early stages. So we will keep implementation-specific talks to a minimal for now… I hope you can all make it and provide suggestions, or at least take something from the talk.